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Short Sale (Homeowners)

Short Sales For America

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Do you need to sell your house, but you feel stuck because it’s worth less than the balance remaining on your mortgage? A short sale just may be the solution that will allow you to move on without having a foreclosure on your credit score. By completing a short sale, you avoid eviction and your home will not be sold at public sale or auction. At Short Sales for America, we have more than 18 years of experience in real estate negotiation. Our perfected negotiation process is so thorough, we are confident in our ability to get your short sale contract approved FAST.

As a homeowner, you are eligible for a short sale listing if:

  • You are ineligible to refinance or modify your mortgage
  • You are facing a long-term hardship
  • You are behind on your mortgage payments
  • You owe more than your home is worth
  • You can no longer afford your home and are ready or need to leave


Homeowner benefits of a short sale:

  • Eliminate or significantly reduce mortgage debt
  • Avoid the negative impact of a foreclosure
  • Begin repairing your credit sooner than would be possible with a foreclosure

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