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Short Sale (Realtor)

Short Sales For America

Free Short Sale Negotiations! 888.SHORT.50

Navigating short sales can be a time-consuming and confusing process, especially for homeowners. Short Sales for America will do all of the paperwork and complete the negotiation process at no additional charge to the homeowner.

Short Sales for America was founded to help give real estate agents a FREE, viable alternative to negotiating their own short sales. You want to sell homes without worrying about negotiating payoffs, liens, judgments, HOA fees, municipal code violations and other issues that complicate transactions. Short Sales for America and its revolutionary approach is helping real estate agents close their short sale deals fast and FREE! We’re real negotiators working for you.

And the best part of it all is, YOU GET TO KEEP 100% OF YOUR COMMISSION FOR DOING LESS WORK!

Do not waste another day working with second-rate negotiation companies or trying to do your own deals. Let Short Sales for America take all of the guesswork out of the short sale process and make you the absolute most money possible. We are so sure that we are the best–we guarantee it!

Each real estate agent and homeowner client receives a unique login for access to a personal webpage which contains all information about the status of their short sale. With new and improved features, our clients can now post their own notes or questions on the webpage for our processors to see. All of the files, documents and records are kept in this one central location for easy access.

With Short Sales for America you get:

  • Experienced loss mitigation negotiators working on your side to get your contracts closed fast.
  • We are experts with the Equator system. As more lenders are transitioning to this software, you need a negotiator with experience using Equator or risk losing your deals.
  • Customized short sale packages for each of your contracts. No two deals are the same, and no two short sale packages should be the same either. Your short sale submission files are customized to your situation.
  • Our exclusive foreclosure delay strategies to buy your clients the time they need to short sell their homes–even if a foreclosure sale is imminent!
  • BPO guidelines from major lenders to ensure an accurate property appraisal.
  • A professional BPO prepared by our in-house service submitted with your file making it easy for the lender to accept your offer.
  • The advantage of our long-term relationships with loss mitigation agents representing many of the nation’s largest lenders, which helps us to push through difficult contracts.
  • A company whose staff has more than 18 years of experience exclusively in real estate law and finance.

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